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The Federalist View…

Alexander Hanson and a number of his fellow Federalists met before a justice of the peace in Montgomery County on August 12, 1812, two weeks after jail massacre. It was an effort to publish their own narrative of the riots and counter some unflattering accounts already circulating in the opposition press.

Their collective testimony was published a short time later as “An Exact and Authentic Narrative,” and described by the authors as “some of the surviving persons who were devoted…to the brutal and murderous fury of the Mob, in the late Massacre in the Jail.”

In more than nine thousand words, the narrative offered a richly detailed, though one-sided, report of the entire ordeal from the original mob attack in June up through the jail massacre and escape. In addition to Hanson, the participants were John Payne, Richard Crabb, Henry Gaither, Ephraim Gaither, Robert Kilgour, Charles Kilgour, Harry Nelson and Peregrine Warfield. A separate account from John Thompson, who was tarred and feathered by the mob, was also included.

The original report is available from the Library of Congress (here) or via embedded below.


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Alexander Hanson and the Mobtown Massacre by Josh S. Cutler